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Do you feel like your business owns you instead of you owning your business? The Automatic Business Method is a 9 step method that will transform your business in as little as 90 days that will boost revenue, create a business performance culture and get your time back so you can live your life on your terms...

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"If you are considering an exit strategy, or want to increase the value of your company, Craig Cowles has a process and strategy that will help you maximize your company's value and allow you to retire comfortably. There is no better business coach! "
-Richard Gadbury, Murphy Business


"I would highly recommend Craig for any business strategy or consulting engagement. I have worked closely with him on planning and implementation of various process and mindset operating systems and have always been very impressed with his thoughtfulness and insight."
- J.C. Beltran, Beltran Advisory Group

"Craig is extremely knowledgeable and insightful regarding business management, business efficiency, and financial aspects. He can help you gain free time and help your business step up to the next level of service, efficiency, and profitability."
- Phil Sinclair, CPA


From humble beginnings as business owners, Craig and Jeff have seen it all and understand what it’s like to want more from your business. They have the experience to help build the perfect business...


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